Stop Petronas From Stealing Sarawak's Oil and Gas Reserves

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When Sarawak joined Malaysia as one of the parties to the formation of the Malaysian Federation, little did we know our resource rich state would be one of the poorest states in Malaysia.   We believe that the Federal Govt of Malaysia acted in Malaya’s interests by illegally downgrading Sarawak's status as one of the 13 states.  Thereby taking control of our oil and gas resources and systematically channeling our wealth to Malaya and specific race and religious groups.  While Pakatan Harapan has won the last General Election and promises Sarawak's rights will be reinstated, Petronas has filed a lawsuit against the State Government of Sarawak to retain control of our Oil and Gas resources.  We will oppose this action and propose that Petronas withdraws this lawsuit while the Sarawak state govt and the Federal Government continue discussions and negotiations. Such negotiations cannot be done with sincerity as long as Petronas is aiming to steal our Oil and Gas resources through the Federal courts which we believe is challenged to remain impartial. Bear in mind such low handed attempts to steal our resources will encourage a movement to leave the Malaysian Federation which has provided no net benefit to our beloved State of Sarawak.