Re-forestation of Kledang Hill in Ipoh and freeze on hillside developments

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Stop the "mysterious" land clearing of 10 hectares of hillside on Kledang Hill in Ipoh by the owner MB Inc. This land was initially forest reserve and was apparently degazzeted and land clearing was reported in an article of the STAR Newspaper 6.2.2019.

Hillside de-forestation should not be allowed as it causes an immense amount of silt runoff during rain storms. The area is enjoyed by numerous hikers and fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

This land clearing must be stopped and the area re-forested. None of the authorities are aware of what is happening in this area, which is very disturbing. How is this being kept a secret - it covers an area of 10 hectares. Why is MB Inc proceeding with the degradation of the hills which are a heritage of Ipoh.

Foul play must be suspected if none of the authorities are aware of it even though they are stakeholders in the development of Ipoh and the State.

Please Mr. Prime Minister, stop this degradation of the natural environment in Ipoh and hold those responsible for these malicious criminal actions and by hiding behind bureacratic red tape.     

It cannot happen after the last corrupt government where many came out and voted for a change.