Re-forestation of Kledang Hill in Ipoh and freeze on hillside developments

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I cannot thank you enough for the support, kind friends

Ipoh is very dear to my heart having been born and schooled there for a good part of my youth. Kledang Hill is where I went at the break of dawn for a good workout and a dose of cool clean fresh air, walking up the road to the telco towers. I have been doing this from the 1982 with good friends, some of whom have already been called home, I pray, to a better place. With the drop of each bead of sweat, with every step I take, with each turn in road, I am flooded with wonderful memories which are treasured beyond earthly riches. No different from the experiences in life, here and and abroad. With more yesterdays than tomorrows left, I can but try to help leave as much of a green heritage as I possibly can, before I, myself, am called. I wish you warm and fulfilling memories of experiencing our heritage, walk the hill, and keep it alive with your own precious moments to tell the next generation or better still share with the current one. Please help me spread the word about this by the unscrupulous purveyors of destruction. I am eternally grateful for your precious support.

julian putra
3 years ago