The Rakyat wants Cabinet Ministers to Declare Assets

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Malaysia is entering a new phase. A 60-year administration of Barisan Nasional has finally comes to an end. The new Pakatan Harapan coalition signifies 'Hope' to all Malaysians.

We've seen the new government has for now taken stern actions agains scandals and mismanagement done by previous government. 

However, as far as the Rakyat are excited for a New Malaysia, the Rakyat should be the defender of the country, not the defender of the government nor the opposition. We have fought against cruelty, misappropriation and mismanagement of the country, corruption and the Rakyat should continue to do so regardless of who is the government.

Hence, the Rakyat has the rights to know and demand for the Cabinet Minister of Malaysia (including the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister) to make a comprehensive asset declaration under their own personal names and their close family members (spouse and children).

The declaration should be made annually and presented and recorded in the Parliament.

Let the power be in the Rakyat's hands.