We demand a Government Policy on the Decolonization of the School Curriculum in Jamaica!

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The Cambridge dictionary calls decolonisation “the process in which a country that was previously a colony controlled by another country becomes politically independent”.

However Jamaica's Education System is primarily designed to ensure that we remain dependent on the "conceptions and leadership of others, some of whom not only do not have our interest at heart, they may even be our enemies! Some actually seek to control us for their own benefit through the process of miseducation and control of the curriculum" (Hilliard).

Through a well oiled colonized curriculum, Black People in Jamaica are taught to hate themselves, their language, culture, Race and Identity! Our Children are programmed to believe that they cannot be as good or even better than their caucasian peers and that they cannot store their thoughts or information in our own language and culture, and that the Tourism Industry which worships the Caucasian is a viable option.

It is TIME TO DECOLONIZE THE CURRICULUM! It's time to decolonize Education in Jamaica! We demand a Government Policy on the decolonization of the School Curriculum in Jamaica!