Women Empowerment by providing them with a paid leave of 1 day during menstrual period

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First of all let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on the bold step taken to eradicate corruption, black money and illegal tenders by demonetisation and GST Implementation.Though there have been certain flaws in the implementation of the same, I believe in old saying “No Pain, No gain” and feel that as a leader you have taken a very bold step to take India forward, in the path to attain a corruption free India. Future Generations will praise your bold move and future years of common man in India will definitely reap the benefits of this bold decision.

Since you are one of the busiest people in India, let me come straight to the point on why I am writing this letter. I have always felt that you are a strong believer in women empowerment and by introduction of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” slogans and various other pro women schemes, you have proved the same, over the years. During my few years of working in various companies both in India and abroad, I have always felt that women are not given their rightful due by respective employers or managers for whom they work. Treating men and women equally is what most of the companies follow these days and I fully agree that it should be that way. But I have a difference of opinion in only one particular aspect. With all other factors remaining the same, Men and women are not equal as far as biology is concerned. Please do not take me in the wrong sense but what I mean is that during the beginning of menstrual cycle or Menses, Women undergo hell lot of pain, anxiety, mood swings and various other physical and mental stresses unlike man who doesn’t have to face any of this. So treating them equal as an employer is not social justice.  Justice will be served when we try to nullify the effect of this menstrual cycle on women and then compare their performance with men and then provide them with opportunities of growth etc.

Now the big question is how to attain this. The government could pass an ordinance or law whereby a women could take a day’s leave during the menstrual cycle, without getting a medical leave from a doctor and the company should pay her just like the way they pays her, during any normal day. There should be clauses in the law whereby because the women are taking this leave, her performance should not be looked down because she did so, and the company or the employer cannot take this leave as a reason to evaluate her performance. This leave should be for both public and private sectors and women should be encouraged by employers to avail this leave of 1 day per month. This would ensure that Women gets ample of rest, during those difficult days and this would get them to appreciate the company and work harder, in the coming days.

We all would have seen our Mother, Sister, Cousin or wife suffer mentally and physically during those days and I am sure that as person who always things on behalf of women , you would consider this humble request and take appropriate steps to pass this as a law and implement this in our country. There are many companies all over the world especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and all who provides leave to women during Menses. They don’t have to provide a medical certificate to avail the same. If India passes this leave policy as a law, it would be a bold step taken by your government and I am sure that it will bring praises from all around the world. As we all came from the womb of a woman, I am sure that we would always want to give them back something in return. What would be a better gift to give womanhood, than to appreciate and celebrate them by providing a day during the strenuous menstrual cycle, where they could sit and relax and be proud of themselves, for being a women and bearing a generation, who thinks about their welfare too.


Once again I thank you very much for going through this letter and whether you will consider this humble request or not, you are going to go down as one of the best Prime ministers that India has ever seen. Please carry on with the good work that you are doing and the whole of India is definitely behind you.