Why not Consider Railway Zone @ Guntakal, If Vizag is not feasible &Viable as Zonal office

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G V Subbaramaiah
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The desire of the people of Andhra Pradesh to have a Railway Zone is to facilitate quick economic development through connectivity. To have a separate Railway Zone at Vizag is age old since the combined Andhra Pradesh as there were no appreciable Central Govt. offices and organisation in the Coastal and Seema Andhra Pradesh and to balance with Hyderabad ( Now Telangana State) to ensure employment opportunities by rapid economic development.

Unfortunately the Combined Andhra Pradesh is bifurcated into Telangana State and the Residuary Andhra Pradesh consisting of Most Backward districts of Uttara Andhra bordering Orissa and the  Rayalaseema districts bordering the drought prone areas of Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Out of the Thirteen districts Seven districts are considered to be most backward and needed special help from the centre and state Governments. The Central Govt. has rightly identified the factual position of the drought ridden Rayala seema districts for a special development programme.

But unfortunately during the regime of the Present Chief Minister Shri. N.Chandra Babu Naidu, TDP Govt. has chosen all the development centralised in the Six districts of residuary state of AP,including the location of State capital Amaravathi, which is already a surplus zone with irrigation water facilities and the delta region which is considered to be the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh. The state Govt. has concentrated and located all the centrally sponsored organisations,institutions, universities and colleged in these Six districts only for obvious reasons and neglected Rayalaseema the perennial drought hit districts with lip symparhy only. This has caused much heart burn to the people of Rayalaseema districts ( mostly consisting of Reddy community political leaders). There had been agitations and protests against denial of equitable justice to Rayalaseema by the TDP Govt. which was nipped in the bud. But the feelings of denial of justice is very strong in the region and the people are waiting for an efficient leadership.

Now that Vizag is already over loaded with the location of Film Industry, the Vizag Steel Plant,the Naval offices and many state and Central Govt. offices has become over crowded. There is unnecessary too much concentration aimed to benefit the real estate business only. It has been opinied that Vizag as Railway Zone is uneconomic,Not feasible and technically not viable due to many reasons. The desire to have a Railway Zone for Residuary AP may be justified but at Vizag only at any cost is,illogical, irreasonable and inappropriate denying the genuine demand of the Rayalaseema to have such a central office at Guntakal which is a central point and located in the most backward district of Anantapur. Guntakal is well connected and forms the nerve centre and can devlop into a viable Railway zone with in no time. It is well connected to the sea ports. The Guntakal city is connected to Chennai, Bangalore,Mumbai and Vizag. It forms an effective link to all sea ports connecting East and West coasts of India. The geographical location is ideal with minerals,metals and precious stone mining  in and around districts. It is also away from the other Railway Zonal head quarters and do not suffer from the defects and effects of Vizag. Selection of Guntakal as a Railway Zone will not only    Rayalaseema   districts of Ap but also the backward districts of Karnataka and Mahaboob Nagar district of Telangana State to develop rapidly. Incidentally Rayalaseema districts do not have any Notable Central Govt. organisation inspite of the presence of Lord Balaji at Tirupathi, Chittoor district.

It was purely political and parochial demand by the TDP to have a Railway Zone at Vizag even if it suffers so many disadvantages only to propup its popularity with otherwise considerations.

We the people of Rayalaseema districts which are facing neglect from ages under successive leaders, request the  Central Govt. to consider Guntakal as Railway zone head quarters' office instead of Vizag which is otherwise also not economically viable. It will be a Win Win situation to the central Govt. to undo the injustice done by the TDP Govt. and to endear to the People of Rayalaseema districts. We hope our genuine request for economic development will be considered favourably by Shri. Narendra Modiji, Hon.Prime Minister of India, Shri. Arun Jaitleyji, Hon. Finance Minister of India and Shri. Piyush Goyalji,Hon. Railway Minister. We also appeal to Shri. Amit Shahji, Hon. President, Bharatiya Janata Party, New Delhi to use their good offices and bless us with the sanction of Railway Zone  at Guntakal which is in National Interest.