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We request Ek Jeevan Ek Aarakshnan / One Life One Reservation (OLOR) Policy for India.

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This is regarding one of the most debated topic of discussion, should reservation be there, if yes, why and how?, if no, why?

Reservation was started for backward social elements of the society so that they compete with the rest of the world. This was probably because they were less economically, infrastructure wise, facility wise, however people did have a lot of talent in them. 
India is among a rare countries to have this. When this was introduced, it was suppose to be for 10 years with extra 5 years if needed. However, it got carried. More problems were in the execution and the interpretations of the same.

One solution which I / we can think of is:
Ek Jeevan Ek Aarakshnan (EJEA) / One Life One Reservation (OLOR) for country Bharat / India.

In this, every person who belongs to eligible categories will be allowed to utilise reservation benefits only once in their lifetime or life span. Thats why this name.
It can be either at school admission, college admission, higher education admission, at Govt. job etc. Right now policy is throughout it will be given, proposed policy is only one of these.

B1) Many times people know they are going to get benefits of reservation throughout so they deliberately do not compete. eg. person in general category needs 90% marks to get admissions, then person from category needs 50-70% marks, so students aim for only those marks as anyways that much is sufficient for them to get admission. So in spite of having calibre and talent, the thought that it exists for them, held students back.

B2) Only a certain class of people benefit every time from reservation, which is top few % of the eligible people. For example, consider 100 people are there out of which 300 are eligible for reserved and there are 100 seats then top 100 out of 300 benefit. The same class benefits every time whatever stage they utilise reservation like admission, job etc. Because of such policy, once these top 100 take for admission then they will be out next 100 can get benefit next time. So it will truly help all the people to get the benefit. Similar policy is followed in placements in most of the companies like once you get one job offer, you are done. so that next people get opportunity.

B3) What if person fails to connect in its first chance. Then they might be at loss. However, since person knows there is only one chance, it is likely that they will give their 100% and becomes competent with others. It will also boost confidence of the people and this will mean real upliftment of the society.

D1) There can be problems in implementation as how to identify and keep records. so what can be done is, a single document can be created for the person, the same has to be submitted in original to take the benefits It won't be issued again.
Other way can be to use some centralised database like Aadhar card for tracking.
Other way can be, central Govt. issues the certificate only once to any person so no way of duplicating it and things can be verified online and record can be made available to the organisations for verifying if the person has already taken the benefit or no.

D2) Political parties, media, people may use this for creating news out of this. 
Solution is, all the people of the country think about this and give logical justification as to why this one will benefit the country in the long run. so rather than, one section of the society supporting and other not and having such division, it would be nice if everyone collectively supports and bring this change. Together, we can do upliftment for everyone than just some certain class.

Now the objective of this post is not to harm anyone or to be against the rest of the society. But to make sure, we as Indians progress in the world. Also to make sure, reservations doesn't stop our hidden talent from exploring and expanding itself.

I / we request your support from all you on this thought and it is an appeal.
Thank you.


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