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Bullet trains are best but better railway system is required

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Shri Narendra Modi ji,

We are not opposing about your idea sir, we are bringing awareness about what are problems still we are facing in Indian railways.

With the launch of the bullet train in India and it is going to set for a complete overhaul.

Yes, shri Modi ji, railways may have been a catalyst Japan's road to progress, and if emulating their model could make us achieve the same, then such efforts are worth a try.

For a means of transport like the railways, which is literally the lifeline of our country, it is definitely necessary to improve its overall existence for us . But before introducing hi-tech trains in India, we need to stop and look back at the numerous problems that train travel comes with.

So, Mr Prime Minister sir , if we are really looking at a INNOVATIVE INDIA we are ready for that but first  we'd like to request you to consider these issues first:


Cases of derailments have now become problem. According to some news reports, train derailments in 2016-17 have led to the highest number of deaths in a decade. Over the past 10 years, there have been as many as 1394 train accidents. Of these, 51 per cent were due to derailments. Besides, how could one be so careless as to not inform a train driver about railway repair work, leading to the death of so many people aboard Utkal Express ?

If technology is what we are looking at, the priority is to use it to improve the existing infrastructure, without gambling with innocent lives.


According to a 2016 study, conducted by, the average National Train Delay Index was as high as 35.03 minutes till the end of June last year. It is important for railway authorities to understand how such delays result in the loss of time and money for passengers. Should Indian Railways really be surprised on seeing people opting for air travel over trains ?


With the latest CAG report exposing the bitter truth about train services, the railways have finally been awakened from their sleep. After all, what would one do with technology in trains if the food served is contaminated or the linen you sleep on is unwashed for months?


Railway minister Piyush Goyal recently ordered the catering staff to not seek tips from passengers. All we hope is that the next time one boards a train, he or she is not caught in an embarrassing situation, trying to negotiate with the staff for money.


Many passengers who are travelling in railways  are seems to be helpless mainly women passengers and aged people, many of them are getting either harassed or molested or robbed by the thiefs. 

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