#VoteNOTA - Indian Men will have no other option if govt continues with anti-men policies

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Respected "Bhagya Vidhata's of India",

I would like to seek your attention to a matter of grave concern affecting all indian citizens, which is abuse of article 15 of our constitution to continuously discriminate against men both in govt policies and behavior for last 70 years.

Article 15 (1) and (2) of our constitution, prohibit the state from discriminating any citizen on ground of any religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of them. However, From article 15(3) onwards, the constitution starts protective discrimination. Article 15(3) empowers the state to make special provisions for women and children. Thus, article 15(3) and 15(4) are foundational bricks of reservation/discrimination in the country.

The intent of Article 15 is to treat everyone equal and yet provide support to weaker sections of the society. By assuming that "all women" require special provisions, our constitution assumes that "all women" are weak (which of course is wrong). This is the first major flaw in our constitution. None of the governments in last 70 years have done anything to correct this anomaly. Rather, every government has used this article as an excuse to create laws and policies to suppress men rather than really empowering weaker sections of women.

Let me also remind that "Any law which is biased towards one gender, can never protect a society".

While the list of such anit-men / biased behavior is long, I will share a few examples to build the case :

1. Tanvi Seth Passport Issue - 1000s of men struggle to get their passport issued simply because their is some lacuna in their papers. However, MEA was super quick to ignore all rules because it was a woman who complained harassment by a man. Passport office, even though was doing his duty was transferred (punished) without any investigation. Why was govt over sensitive to complaint of a woman and has been ignoring similar issues reported by men for so long ? Isn't this discriminatory behavior ?

2. No GST on sanitary pads after Sushmita Dev (MP) and Maneka Gandhi (WCD Minister) wrote to Finance Ministry  recently to exempt sanitary pads from 12% GST. It may sound like a good decision to encourage society to have better menstrual hygiene. However, if one considers that several items of basic needs are still taxed for eg: Life saving drugs, Ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines are still taxed @ 5% or clothing @ 5%-12%. What needs to be cheaper - "Life Saving Drug" or a "Sanitary Pad" ? What is more important - to ensure everyone has a cloth to wear OR sanitary pads ? Why could govt not bring GST on sanitary pads in line with other medicines/hygiene products (which is in range of 5% - 12%). Or why does not govt make pad manufacturing cheaper thru use of technology? Did govt do any survey on how many women die because of not using sanitary pads? I would love to have 0% GST on every product and service but the fact is that govt needs to earn it's revenue from taxes. If govt, reduces taxes on 1 item, it will have to increase taxes on other items hence govt needs to be rational with the decisions it takes rather than appeasing women politicians/voters. So eventually, we will have cheaper pads but costlier medicines

3. PF savings withdrawal on leaving the company  - While men employees need to wait for 2 months to withdraw their savings, women employees can withdraw immediately in case of they are leaving job for marriage. Why govt thinks that a woman requires money for marriage but a man does not ? This is in spite of the fact that as per law, it is a father's duty to bear expenses of her daughter's marriage (http://www.livelaw.in/hindu-daughter-can-claim-marriage-expenses-father-kerala-hc-read-judgment/ On the contrary, a man's father is not law bound to bear expenses of his son's marriage. So, practically, a man has more need to withdraw his savings instead of a woman. But still our finance ministry gives such a 'tatkal' suvidha to woman

4. Wife cannot be punished for adultery. Only men can be punished. - As per IPC497, a married woman cannot be punished for adultery as law thinks that woman are innocent and can be easily manipulated by man hence it is the man who should be punished for having affair with a married woman. It is different matter, that if a husband stops his wife from having affair with another men, than woman can file DV case against husband so most man don't complain.

5. Indian laws (PWDVA) only safeguards wife from Domestic Violence. Law does not consider that men too could be victims of domestic violence. If a man goes to police station to complain about domestic violence, he is told that police cann't do much as their is no law under which they can file a case. Many men after running from pillar to post and after realizing that they have 0 safeguards against abusive/criminal/mentally sick women, end up doing suicide. Suicide rates for married men are ~3x than married woman, and yet govt is unwilling to do anything about it.

6. Father's name is no longer mandatory in child's passports since 2016 . But father being the natural guardian is still responsible for maintaining the child as per various laws (HAMA, 125 Crpc, etc) On one hand govt wants father's to pay for their child's upbringing but on the other hand they don't want a child to link his/her identity to the father. If govt is serious and wants to ease the process, why not remove name of both parents and only mention child's aadhar number on passport ?


 (i will keep adding to this list as new incidents get reported. Please feel free to mention it in comments and i will add if it serves the purpose of this petition)

Dear Fellow citizens, who strongly feel that this discrimination against men must end BUT may have concerns regarding use of NOTA to get the message across to the government. One may argue that by opting for NOTA, s/he may be indirectly supporting the opposition hence the hesitation in pressing NOTA. Let me share my views, and may be you will agree that NOTA is the only way left when government after government over last 70 years is unwilling to take action to end this anti-men behavior.

1. What is more important - development or safety ?
As per Maslow, an American psychologist, "safety & securtiy" is one of the basic human needs along with food/clothing/shelter (roti, kapda, and makaan). If one doesn't feel safe than development will have no meaning. If government makes policies that make you feel insecure, you have every right to say NO to that government. Unfortunately, both Congress & BJP have drafted/supported laws that allow women to file baseless charges on men, and make men run around in courts or spend a significant time in jail. In today's times, Men are not safe from women because when it comes to a women's verbal complaint against men than no one can save them. Few of such cases are highlighted above.

2. Isn't NOTA same as Not Voting ?
No. NOTA or “None Of The Above” is 'the right to register a negative opinion' rather than being absent from the election process. NOTA means :
a) I have come to the polling both to participate in election process,
b) I do not approve of any of the election candidates to represent me in the parliament as none talks about issues that affect me
c) If you want my vote, than you need to represent "me" and things that concern "me" in the parliament. You need to end this "anti-men" bias against me and my family.

This is different from "Not Voting" where one simply remains absent from the voting process hence gives a message that "I am OK with whosoever comes and whatsoever policy they make". Unfortunately, this has been the case for most middle class men for last 50-60 years while government after government was showcasing anti-men behavior to attract women voters.

 3. Will NOTA make a difference ?
Yes. In recently conducted elections, NOTA vote share has been in the range of 1% - 3%. In most competitive elections (primarily seats which matter), winning margin is also in similar range. In other words, when a party looses a particular seat and when they compare their loss %age to NOTA %age, it becomes very clear to them that they missed representing/attracting NOTA voters. The winning candidate also realizes that if s/he doesn't work for NOTA voters, their is a strong possibility that in next election NOTA voters may side with loosing candidate and s/he may loose the elections.

Some Media Reports:

4. If I choose NOTA, than it will help congress UPA (or any other party) ?
Yes. it may happen. But your first duty is to protect yourself. Irrespective of who comes, all governments so far has been more or less supporters of anti-men policies and behavior. As shared above, our first need is security and our duty is to safeguard our self and our families. That is the reason our forefathers fought to end the british rule ... Britisher's were excellent developers but they were biased towards their own race.


Dear Bhagya Vidhata's,
who have been given the responsibility to define future of this country, I and all those who are signing this petition pledge to #VoteNOTA in each and every election until you change these discriminatory laws and policies that discriminate against men

1. Review of article 15(3), 15(4), and 15(5) to ensure that the benefit does not go to "everyone" based on their gender, caste, or religion, which is gross violation of article 15(1) & (2). Instead of having multiple exceptions in article 15 [i.e. 15(3)-Women & Children, 15(4)-SC/ST, 15(5)-reservation in education], there should have been only 1 exception that empowers govt to create special time-bound rules for the weaker sections of society. Definition of "weaker section" should be reviewed/revised every 5 years and should be based on age, education level, mental/physical heath, financial status, etc instead of gender or caste.

2. Formation of men's ministry to cater to basic needs of men - health, education, safety. Men are biologically different than women, and they need attention to issues that only affect them (eg: Prostrate Cancer). Current ministries/commissions such as Social Welfare, Family Welfare, Human Resources, NHRC, etc are completely dysfunctional when it comes to protecting and developing men.

3. Review of anti-men laws/undocumented procedures, which let state act & initiate criminal proceedings against men based on a women's vague allegations without any investigations. Men too have a right to dignified living, and government must protect a men's dignity just like it is supporting a woman's dignity.

4. Protect families from breaking by ending draconian laws such as 498A, and gender neutralize laws such as Domestic Violence (even men are victims of DV). Various studies have highlighted that 80%-95% of cases filed under 498A (wife subjected to life threatening injury) were baseless and only filed to harass husband (rather than to protect wife). A law which is being abused in 80%+ cases is ineffective and must be repealed. Moreover, it's provisions are already covered in DV Act so what's the point in having 2 laws ?

Government and it's policies don't have to be Anti-Men to be Pro-Women.

Jai Hind !!!

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