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Breaking Trust-Creating Ruckus -Not Okay -Urgent Action required

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Honorable Prime Minister,

Warm greetings!!

I am an ordinary and proud citizen of India and want to share my observations on recent happenings in India. Our population is approx. 1.3 B and to govern ourselves better we have a regulatory body covering every facet of human life ranging from Food safety and standard products to Atomic energy regulatory board. Additionally, India is considered 'land of spirituality' which is believed to nurture human talent in its own way. There are multiple spiritual institutions in India which are doing a phenomenal job for overall uplifting of mankind. Also, it will be fair to say that many of us are attached with some or the other spiritual institution for overall growth.

However, the controversies related to some of the  spiritual institutions especially their larger than life image and the ruckus that it has created is alarming.  The recent controversies from Gurmeet Ram Rahim, Sant Rampal, Nirmal baba, Asaram bapu, Swami Nithyananda and many others are painful and saddening beyond imagination. One thing  common in all the controversies is that they have been either accused /guilty of  heinous charges like rape/forgery, enjoy a rich lifestyle , have a big follower base and don't even hesitate to defy law when needed .In case we take a rough estimate of followers of the top controversial gurus, it will easily cross 140M people which is more than  10% of population and the biggest irony is law and order becomes the biggest mockery whenever it tries to take its course against these serious allegations. 

In my personal orientation, I am a chartered accountant by profession and our approximate strength is 260,000. ICAI is there to govern us and rightfully so as we are involved with financial aspect which is one of key levers of our development. It is so ironical that we do not have any regulatory body for Spiritual Institutions that impact millions and millions of people and their belief system, lifestyles in Unimaginable way. In some cases, followers are so heavy influenced that they lose sight of right or wrong and don’t even hesitate to defy the land of the law. As reiterated earlier, I am not saying that all spiritual institutions are bad but it is high time that we as a country launch a ‘Regulatory body' for Spiritual Institutions which governs their functioning, operational standards, compliance, escalation, recovery and if need be banning mechanism amongst others and overall ensure it does not breach trust of government, law and most importantly its people. Hope Government will be able to help this plight of 'common man’. In this vision of new India, there can be no place for hooliganism in name of spirituality. We need 'Reformers' but no more 'Semi-Gods' in our great country. 

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