Swift Justice for 12 year Old Gang Rape Survivor

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A 12 year old, hearing impaired girl was gang raped by 22 people over a period of seven months after being drugged, threatened at knife point, threatened by videos made of the gruesome act. Since this is an extraordinary case where the deranged 22 perpetrators serving as elevator staff, plumbers, electricians and aged between 66 and 25 have not only destroyed the innocence of a small girl but also indulged in a heinous crime for over seven months, I request that the justice be not only swift but also extraordinary. In other words a public example needs to be made of these perpetrators with public flogging followed by castration is followed by death since they have behaved like animals who deserve no sympathy whatsoever. We request you to ensure the trial, sentencing and execution be completed no later than 30 days.