Support Small and medium businessmen-from after effects of lockdown.

Support Small and medium businessmen-from after effects of lockdown.

1 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Durga Agencies

Hon. PM Modi ji
Hon. FM Sitaraman ji

To fight against this Covid19, we all Indians are with you.

It is really appreciable, the way our Govt. is working day and night to help all the citizen of Bharat.
And special thanks to all the corona warriors.

By supporting the poor, daily wage workers, migrant labourers, etc by providing cash in their Jan Dhan accounts , to providing them free rations, food, gas, etc and many more steps taken in this time of difficulty., Govt is doing an incredible job.

Now, with the third extension of lockdown which was inevitable, --- the most suffered category of people are middle  and lower class businessmen also.

You had provided moratorium for paying EMIs, loan repayments, etc, but many banks are charging *late payment fees and gst* for non payment of last month's EMIs. We request you to instruct those banks from not levying such exhorbitant charges.

Secondly, these business community have to bear the monthly regular expenses like
1) Rents
2) salaries
3) electricity bills
4) telephone bills
5) house expenses
6) education expenses for children
7) medical expenses
8) and many more expenses which cannot be avoided.

During this lockdown period of 54 days (till 17.5.20), expenses will be there, without a single rupee of sales, profit and collections.

To help this community, I have a proposal, which you  should consider and do the needful Sir.

Proposal to pay as per turnover as per last 2 years gst returns.

1) businesses with annual turnover of less than ₹1 ₹ crore---₹25000 * 2 months
2) businesses with turnover of ₹ 1-5 crores--- ₹40000 * 2 months
3) businesses with turnover above 5 crores--- ₹ 60000*2 months.

As per the above three categories, all the Gst assesses should be paid the respective amount for at least two months.

Govt. Of India is having details of all the GST assesses, their PAN numbers are available with Govt. ,and their respective bank accounts details are also available with Income Tax department. So, amounts  can be  easily transfered to them.

This is the minimum which we are asking, because when we open our business establishments after a gap of nearly 2 months, we have to start our businesses from A. We will have to face many bad debts, many of our stocks in hand may become damaged, and all sorts of problems we have to face.
We won't have enough funds to buy new stocks to restart our lost businesses. We won't have enough money to pay to our creditors. We have to suffer losses in 2020 which cannot be counted at this situation.

Last, but not the least....all these amount which may come in trillions should be recovered from China after dragging the Dragon to International court of justice, for spreading the deadly virus.



Jai Hind



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Signatures: 585Next Goal: 1,000
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