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Stringent control and regulation of access to pornographic websites and content.

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Hello eveyone!

Back in 2015 when the Government of India blocked access to around 827 major pornographic websites in the country (these websites account for almost 80% of the total porn content on the internet), I wasn't very supportive of the move and indeed, like many of us, strongly condemned the sudden and derogatory move by the Government. This was what we considered as violation of our Right to Privacy in legal terms and time and again the apex court has also stated that it cannot stop anyone from doing anything in private. 

This is almost the end of 2017 and everyone is aware of the surge of crimes against women and it becoming so common that we hardly pay any heed to it now. This is alarming and this needs to be taken care of if we want to come anywhere close to the developed nations. Since the Nirbhaya case of 2012, the Government has taken numerous efforts to curb crimes against women but any effort by any government is of no avail if its people are not sensitized towards an issue. Porn has become so prevalent in our society that we have now termed it as "Natural!" Seriously!?

If we have our way with the statistics, then India is amongst the top 5 countries in porn viewership in the world. This is not the spot we had struggled for! To keep it simple, porn messes with both our physical and psychological well being. Porn and sex addicts have confirmed that it is due to this urge and addiction they commit heinous offenses and crimes against women. Porn creates a neurological imbalance which often leads to increased sexual desires and fetishes and we no longer see people as people to be loved but only an object to be used.

Porn addiction is like any other addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc., and like any other addiction is extremely harmful. Porn has shown serious problems like erectile dysfunctions, pedophilia, and increased prostitution. Porn is also one of the main reasons for divorce these days. This can be resolved if one takes the problem seriously and considers rehab.

I am not here for moral policing, telling people what they should do or judging anyone. My only contention is that porn viewership should be regulated in the country and its easy access should be curbed. Easy access to porn has become a menace to the society and children aged as low as 10 years are being affected by the addiction.

Its not an easy task and not at all possible without the participation of the society as a whole. This can be achieved by:

1. Identifying mainstream pornographic sites which offer free porn content and establish a defender or wall to put up a warning of the explicit content just like anti-smoking ads before a movie and prosecution warnings if the viewer is below 18.

2. Starting awareness programmes in public places, schools etc., by NSS, Paralegal and other volunteers educating about its ill effects.

3. Keeping a track of crimes connected in any possible way with pornography.

4. Providing support and motivation to the addicts who are willing to rehab and tackle the problem.

5. If possible, monitoring internet access and providing description of websites browsed in the monthly billing cycle.

Solutions are numerous only if we are willing to tackle this problem seriously and I hope I've made my point. There are far more cons than pros to pornography and lets pledge to spread awareness and educating people about it. The Government is doing their bit in every way possible but its also our duty to support it in its implementation.

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