Allow Open School Students For Studying MBBS in India and Abroad

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On the 17th day of the cold wintery month of January 2018, a fiery news broke upon the hardworking, responsible, intelligent and bright students of India. The students of the State Open School (SOS) and National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) were barred by the Medical Council of India (MCI) to give National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) reciting an argument that open school students are "INELIGIBLE" to pursue their dreams of becoming Doctors in the country because of no practical knowledge and therefore are not par with regular school students. 

They have already been denied the option to go abroad for studying medicine by the MCI.

The children go to NIOS and SOS because they are poor and have to work in the day to earn for their family. They simply can't pay the fees the regular school demands. They may be medically unwell. It can even be their own choice to study at home. They are not lazy, complacent or any less intelligent from the regular school students but their circumstances demand this from them. 

MCI is a statutory body. These bodies, that are based on the ideology of the British Raj and have a duty to authorize a legislation on behalf of the State. 

I most certainly believe that the so-called "State" doesn't want this. 

Their circumstances demand this and I demand the following from you MCI:


  1.  Allow NIOS and SOS students to give NEET
  2. Allow NIOS and SOS students to pursue career in medicine abroad
  3. And if you are resolute about your decision then make schooling till 10+2 free for everyone in Government as well as Private schools
  4. And if you want these children to go to Government schools, make it compulsory that the children of every government official also attend government school as an example for every citizen of India that the education of Government schools is at par with the education of Private Schools


In India, almost 3000 students which attend Open School give NEET. Almost 850 of them pass the test. It is unfair to bar them. (As published in Hindustan Times)


For the people:

It is unjust to change the rules of the war when it is already being fought. MCI should have at least given some time to students that are already studying for NEET. NIOS and SOS should mention on their websites that the children who are going to take Biology as a subject won't be allowed to become doctors as some big men who don't know their struggles have already decided for them sitting in AC rooms, wearing comfortable shoes and clothes, having food for the next five days in their fridge and having enough money for their safe future.

MCI must write a letter to the students and publish in Newspapers of every state and city because most of the students do not know about this bomb that has been dropped on their heads and I don't want the dreams of Open School students to get shattered when they go to fill the NEET form and are not allowed to sit in the exam.