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Stop Politics in the name of Religion

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India is home to about 131 crore people.This country is known For its ethics nd UNITY IN DIVERSITY. 

But in the current scenario either the public of India being more biased towards their particular religion. 

Religion is needed to maintain peace and harmony in any society. And this petition is not aganist religion but aganist the use of RELIGION IN POLITICS. 

POLITICS is what that form the basic structure of any country. It indicates it's ethical, cultural, traditional diversity along with their mutual relationship nd harmony. 

India is the country with the concept of UNITY IN DIVERSITY. People here believe in the concept of brotherhood and we prefer to live with harmony also. 

But the present scenario is totally different. 

1.Junaid was killed for being a muslim in the name of beef. 

2.Allaudin was killed for being a muslim in mob lynching  when he was returning from Delhi after the shopping of Eid. 

3.The ayodhya matter is a dirty politics.There is utter most need of a hospital and college at ayodhya rather than mandir or masjid. 

4.The history of India is in danger because of this religious based politics. Tajmahal has been considered as Tajo mahalaya. Jama Masjid as Jamuna devi mandir.

Doesn't this dirty politics in the name of Religion is hindering  the growth and development of India??? 

Political parties are busy in provoking people in the name of Religion to secure their vote bank. Development had just become the unreachable unrealistic dream. 

It's an urge need to boycott this religion based politics that spread hatred in a Country,that divide people, that is aganist the notion of UNITY IN DIVERSITY. 




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