#Stop_Demeaning_Our _Soldiers #Give_Them_their_due_respect

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Angered by the present state of disrespect for our Armed Forces, I am forced to speak upto our fellow countrymen as every patriot should..
I today am here to clarify some basic misconceptions that prevail particularly in the ungrateful citizens of India!
Having had the first hand and most personal experience with them, people can rest assured that this information is not incorrect..

1. First and foremost, Armed Forces Personnels are equally taxed by Government and they pay the same amount of tax as any other civilian who falls in the different categories of taxable income..
As such, they are one of the highest tax payers in this country and yet some people have the audacity to say "I HAVE ALSO BEEN IN A GOVERNMENT JOB AND I PAY MORE TAXES THAN YOU.. SO I HAVE EARNED A RIGHT ON YOUR ROADS.."
We were fine with that that you think paying your taxes earns you a right to cantt roads..
But, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR DEMEANING A SENTRY BY Saying the above when he is standing guard on duty safeguarding the border of your city through cantt.
You may be paying more taxes than a Sentry but your contribution and sacrifices to nation can never equal what he is doing on daily basis..
And you should be ashamed of speaking to him like this when he commands our respect..

2. Another misconception that the Armed forces personell are rude, misbehaves and violently suppress the innocent public is also shunned in the same incident when even after showing disrespect to our soldiers , this rightful heir to our roads was not disrespected.

3. Again addressing this "Rightful heir to Cantonment's amenities" , I want to tell him that there are places where our Soldiers march and stay , do up down on daily basis and become casualties because THERE ARE NO ROADS IN THOSE AREAS, NOT EVEN KACCHAA TRAILS, NOT EVEN TREKKING TRAILS..
You can never dream of going in these areas because your taxes entitled you to the best roads in town but our soldiers' taxes paid in same amount couldn't even provide a walkable path for them to protect our ungrateful souls..And yet they continue to risk their lives without bearing a grudge..
For Demeaning a soldier you should be ashamed.

3. Speaking of casualties, the insurance money that is given to the dependent of our Soldiers is also deducted from their very own salaries although that salary is not the highest in India. So the hard earned and taxed money from the civil world is not even contributed to the needy survivors of our deceased Men.

4. Speaking of Dependents and family members, I want to inform you all by my first hand experience that NOTHING IS AVAILABLE TO THE FAMILIES FOR FREE OR AT DISCOUNT IN ARMY CANTEEN.
We perhaps and at times pay more than those living in civil premises who have the advantage of availing offers from Big Bazar and the like but we because of being stationed at the places where these chains could not be opened often pay more than you do.

It's true that certain privileges were earlier available to the Armed Forces but thanks to the MOST TAXED UNGRATEFUL CITIZENS' ENVY the Armed Forces Personal in our generation have lost all of them just as they are about to lose THEIR RIGHT TO SAFEGUARD THEIR OWN FAMILIES BY MAKING THE CANTT PREMISES INACCESSIBLE FOR OUTSIDE WORLD.

Thanks to these Adversely Taxed citizens of our country , our so called patriots will surely get many more incidents to grieve and blacken their profiles and call out for vengeance like PATHANKOT ATTACK where the families of our soldiers were targeted and slaughtered.

And speaking of vengeance, our enlightened citizens with the knowledge of their rights will ask the soldiers for the proof of it for avenging their own men.

While other countries celebrate and acknowledge the contribution and sacrifices of their soldiers, we never fail to demean them.

In the end, I just want to say as a patriot that

We as a Nation has failed our Defense Forces..!!!

And as an Army Wife, I want to assert that I won't let my husband and his Men (by which I include all personnel in our Defense Forces) be demeaned by an ungrateful lot.

That's why , I , Nishtha , just want you all who agree with me to carry forward the campaign I am starting here..