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Stop all reservations in India

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When the Republic of India was created in 1950, reservations were enunciated with a clear sunset clause, but they have been extended and even expanded by successive governments in the last seven decades. Dr. Ambedkar stood for the long-term annihilation of caste. But reservations have, in fact, perpetuated that.

The government has, over the last 60 years allowed for reservations in access to education, jobs, etc. for the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs). Note that our Constitution did not talk about the need for affirmative action to tackle the justifiable cause of redressing inequality; no, the social engineering objective then, as it is today, was to mandate equality via quotas. In the 1990s, an additional quota was added — a quota for the Other Backward Classes (OBCs). Together with the SCs/STs, the quotas corner at least 60 per cent of the population (approximately 27 per cent SCs/STs and 36 per cent OBCs).

To bring this to context - 60% of Indians - have been given 50% reservation (generally speaking) in government colleges and government jobs all without MERIT anywhere figuring in the criteria.

The effects are detrimental to the society in terms of the morale and the hatred it generates in the unreserved categories. 

Worse still is the competition among the unreserved segments of the society to get the reservations. Politicians - with their divide and rule policy are supporting such efforts for their vote banks. 

In secular India, reservations based on caste and creed should have no place.

Helping the downtrodden or economically weak sections can take other forms of economical support such as free education, books, and hostel facilities. We need to work on those programs. There is no need to compromise on merit when it comes to education or jobs. 

Stop the reservations based on caste and creed in India.

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