Start of Virtual Parliament so that both of houses of Parliament work with productivity

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It has been seen that in last couple of years when both houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) of parliament work in various sessions, most of the time is wasted by members of parliaments for various reasons which are irrelevant for the proceedings of both the houses. Such action by members (rather inaction by both the houses) results in waste of money as well as other resources. Ultimately People of India get and feel cheated.

Information Technology in last few years have played important role in the country to control various activities of Citizen of India whether it is filing tax returns, issues of notices to citizens, payment of taxes, transfer of benefits by government, banking transactions and so on. Further communications with each other by million of people is happening through social media, Board of Director of Companies is working through Video Conferencing and taking decisions for their Corporate. These are few illustrative examples where Information Technology is helping the government as well as citizens not only in India but throughout the globe. List is endless. 

Through this Information Technology, we, People of India can control the action of our member of parliament by introduction of Virtual Parliament. A Virtual Parliament should be introduced by the Government of India where all members of both houses of parliament are given their login ids and passwords. Any bill to be introduced in the house can be introduced at such Virtual Parliament by members, voting can be done on Virtual Parliament, any discussion which members want to have can be there at Virtual Parliament in writing or through video. Answers by ministers for the questions asked by members can be addressed through Virtual Parliament. These proceedings can also be live considering the recent Information Technology development. In fact when it is possible to have discussion by millions of people at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media platform, it must be a easiest way for ensuring proper functioning of both houses of parliament which has less than 750 members in numbers.  

Introduction of such Virtual Parliament will bound all members of parliament to work. Work can happen even without physical presence in the house.

I request People of India to sign this petition and request Prime Minister of India to introduce the system of Virtual Parliament so that members of parliament are bound to work instead of wasting time in the parliament. Perhaps such system is not there anywhere in the world so let India become the first country to implement such mechanism.