Ultimate solution for rape.

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The incidence of rape is increasing day by day.But the fact is that the western cultures making the situation very bad or worst.


If you focus on  highlighted two cases one is the Delhi gang rape and the Kathua rape and murder case, you will see the brutality associated with the rape and murder.

As we are living in a democratic country we can not change our internet policy like china.Here it will accessible for all.And also as we have many political parties so they will continue to give a political colour of the incidence for their own benefit.The social media and the news channels, for their publicity will continue to fabricate the matter.It will sometime produce violence or communal disturbance.

So what is the solution?Is it the capital punishment or life in prison, where the food and care of the criminals will come from tax money that mean your money that you earned after hard work.

I think the solution is very simple.The government must make a new rule.It will very beneficial for Indian daughters and also for the government.

After through investigation if the Crime is proved then we will use medical treatment for every criminal ,we will cut the nerve where there will be no erection,or we will cut the penis , the person will live his life and there will be no problem for urination.And he will make his own food by his own activities.He will continue to be a living example for the society.After all we forget very quickly those persons who has died already.

So please come forward and think.Every single thing will be there but  There will be no power of western cultures, internet, and so called worng News.The rape will fall drastically.And our country will make a history for its women protection policy throughout the world.O

Thanks again

Protik Kumar Mondal.