#SonbhadraKeAdivasi Listen to the angst of Sonbhadra massacre survivors

51 समर्थकों के साथ इस पेटीशन ने बदलाव लाया!

On July 16, 2019, led by influential land mafia unleashed bloodshed to protect the illegally usurped tribal land in Sonbhadra district, adjacent to Varanasi. His band of about 300 armed assailants fired indiscriminately at innocent forest dwellers for nearly half an hour. Ten forest dwellers died on the spot and more than 25 others were grievously wounded.

Unfortunately, at the time of the incident the forest dwellers tried to call all top civil and police officials, including the district DM and SP whose phones were switched off. Police arrived at the spot after the emergency no 100 was dialed. However, it decided to remain as mute spectator to the ongoing incident. Four forest dwellers were killed right in front of their eyes. Finally, the police from the Ghorawal police station reached the spot only after the killers fled to safety after committing the massacre.

Neither any official representatives from the local, district administration nor any political representatives from political parties including the ruling party considered to visit the site at least on a humanitarian ground. In fact, the police made all arrangements to protect the house of village head Yagyadutt, who led the assailants to commit the massacre. The role of Ghorawal police station as well as the DM and SP of Sonebhadra is not above suspicion. The district  had never seen such insensitive senior officials. As the fact of the case goes, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, who was posted as the Mirzapur Collector in the past, had encroached upon the tribal land, and later sold it off to a land mafia. The forest dwellers, who are fighting the case since 1955, have been denied justice till date. The land originally, belongs to King Badahar, the local ruler and later it was transferred to the Gram Sabha. The corrupt nexus behind the entire case since 1955 is wide open. 

The glaring fact is that about a dozen members from victims’ community were booked under Goonda Act  by district administration and later banished from the district. False cases were registered against around 60 tribals, demonstrates whom does the police represent. The police is also time to time accused of exploiting the women of the falsely implicated accused.

The wails of women and children in Ubhbha village, Sonbhadra are filling the heart with sorrow. Whether one terms it brazenness or defiance, yet the anguish of these women has not been able to move Shri Adityanath, Honourable Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh or his subordinates. Shri Vijay Vineet, the noted journalist associated with PVCHR, could not control his tears as he listens to the misery of those women, whose husbands have been killed by land mafia.

Please read the report ‘Ghorawal narsanghar par giraftariyan, arjiyan, dauron aur bayanon ke beech gaon mein maatam’(Mourning in village amidst arrests, petitions, visits and statements over Ghorawal massacre) published in Media Vigil (in Hindi) and News published in Indian Express (in English).

Main demands: - 

1.      Register FIR for fraud, loot and dacoity against those usurping land by creating trusts, committees and other organisations in Sonbhadra

2.      Impound land from non-existent trusts for allocating to poor local people

3.      Sonbhadra has witnessed extensive land scams, which should be probed by an independent revenue judicial commission

4.      The revenue courts in Sonbhadra are all comprised, as such revenue fast track court be constituted

5.      Identify those government servants responsible for the massacre and register  cases against them

6.      A High Court judge should review all revenue decisions in the district between 2012 and 2017. Besides, a public hearing and review be instituted for all land allocations during the period

7.      Thousands of hectares of land getting revoked under Land Ceiling Act are still ‘benami’ (with out name land title) in several villages. These be identified for distribution among the poor

8.      Expose the political connections of the perpetrators of the massacre and those responsible for the incident

9.      Award Rs one crore compensation to those killed in the massacre apart from the allocation of land

Kindly sign the petition to urge the government to dispense justice to the tribals of Sonbhadra.

 Support us, so that the tribals get justice and their lives are secured.


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