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Request to accord your kind approval to start a DD Sindhi TV Channel.



All the 22 languages included in Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India have their own DD channel under the patronage of Information & Broadcasting Ministry. Sindhi is the only 1 language left out for this favoured privilige as Sindhi community has no effective leadership to take up their case and represent to Union Government suitably.
Why this denial to Sindhi language channel is a mystery and why Sindhis have been singled out for this privilage is best known to authorities only ?

Sindhi culture is on the brink of extinction as they are the scattered community having no state of their own. It is very essential to save the culture and language & heritage, which is of Mohan jo Daro era, from extinction.

Why Sindhi community community is discriminated and denied its DD TV channel is best to known to Prasar bharti of I & B Ministry. All the petitions have fallen on deaf ears. Can govt. justify its denial of its rightful due? Probably not.

We only wish that Govt.of India sympathetically think over the matter and remove the injustice done to Sindhi community.

People and friends of the Sindhi community have been supporting our rightful demand and requesting with pleas to the government to take the just stand to start the Sindhi TV Channel.

The action of the government will keep the heritage,culture of Sindhi community alive as the community has no state of its own and Sindhis are scattered all over the country and the world and DD Sindhi channel will only be a binding force to keep the great culture alive.

Sindhi community has always patronised BJP and since Congress was in power all along, we were intentionally ignored by Congress govt. and its allies.

We request you to you to please sanction DD Sindhi TV Channel at the earliest  which is Sindhi Communitys rightful demand and fulfill the aspirations of the community which is very much justified.

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,
L C Bilandani
Jai Hind