RESERVATION - it's past it's expiry date! It's time to join to give hope to the country.

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Reservation has been existing for a long time in India in all states in differing measure till Supreme Court ruled on the ceiling of 49% reservation. 

The Architect of the Constitution of India, Shri Bhimrao Ambedkar and his wise counsel had prescribed this treatment to rid India of the social evil and ostracization of the lowest of the so-called caste system. They prescribed this solution to ensure justice and equality to the disadvantaged, set back by years of injustice meted out under guise of entitled superiority on account of caste. The British had maliciously managed to drive the divide deeper. While the upwardly mobile among the backward and scheduled castes managed to get some better opportunities at education and work, it never percolated to the lowest of the people. Ambedkar had known that this solution can only be a short term one for a young country and the true and lasting solution can be a dynamic one changing with a developing country.

While the Reservation system has not helped erase differences, it has helped increased differences in society, deepening existing chasms and divisions among people. A rapidly urbanization of the country has led to clamour among the young for not enough opportunities in education and jobs. Hitherto unreserved castes have started to clamour for their share of an ''entitled" protection against an uncertain future. The Gujjar agitation, the Patel community demand and the year old Maratha protests for reservation among many more will only increase leading to protests, unrest, violence and loss of national property - material and life. Do we need this? Babasaheb himself believed to that the reservation had a shelf life. Can not the country's wise men among the Executive, Judiciary and all Political parties look beyond their vote banks and look for a lasting solution where no injustice is meted out to any ''un-entitled" section of the country? 

A vibrant, young and aspiring country needs to find an effective solution to reply to every single youth of this country. History is already judging us by how far we have come down a wrong path, it will be un-forgiving if we do not do anything about it!