Protection of Healthcare Workers during the pandemic COVID-19

Protection of Healthcare Workers during the pandemic COVID-19

3 April 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Srikant Subudhi

COVID-19 a Global Pandemic which has gripped the whole world. It is an emergency situation across the globe with number of infected cases and deaths rising alarmingly high. The global economy came to a standstill. It might take months or years to revive.

Government is doing their bit in each country. I respect the 21 days lock down announced by the Honorable Prime Minster of India Shri. Narendra Modi Jee. This is the only way to handle the situation to curtail the spread of the Corona Virus infection.

While he asked everyone to stay at home but we still see people are roaming around and conduct large gatherings also.

The only set of people who are at the front line who are directly fighting the disease are the Healthcare Workers (Doctors, Nurses, Paramedic staff, Housekeeping, F & B, all other support staff including the Administration. team).

We all are rising our lives while the others can stay at home. During the last few days we have seen unprecedented events across the country which includes:

1. Attacks on doctors and other healthcare workers during visit to patients

2. Non cooperative people living in society

3. Attacks on hospital staff by relatives due to patients death at hospital

4. Attacks on Aanganwadi workers

5. People not cooperating for their treatment in quarantine homes

6. Spitting on doctors during treatment

7. Landlords/ societies asking doctor and other healthcare staff to vacate their homes

We strongly condemn these events. We need to take stern action on these culprits.

My urge to Prime Minster of India is to take strong actions on violators of this law and attacks on healthcare workers. Deploy Army in cities where these incidents are happening.

The second biggest challenge the country is facing today is shortage of  personal protective equipment. This is a basic requirement to protect the front line workers when they are exposed to hundreds of patients while treating them.

We have seen instances:

1. Where doctors were asked to wear helmets & raincoats while treatment

2. Where the healthcare workers has been asked to buy their own protective equipment

3. Scarcity of these PPE’s in the market

4. Some hospitals does not even have the basic had rub solution also

We have seen deaths cases of doctors & nurses across the globe while treating COVID-19 patients. My request to Govt. of India & Shri Narednra Modi  jee is to provide these essentials to all the front line healthcare workers

We need to protect the front line workers otherwise there shall be a scenario where we would have hospital beds to admit the patients but there won’t be any healthcare personnel available to treat these patients

Remember the healthcare workers also have families. They are leaving their family behind to fight these deadly diseases. They need to be alive to treat the patients


Best regards

Srikant Subudhi

Healthcare Administrator



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Signatures: 5,524Next Goal: 7,500
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