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Minimize of GST on Collectible Coins, Currency & Numismatic Items

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Numismatics is the study of coins. It is important for the study of history, especially ancient history. It confirms, modifies and even amplifies history.

Indian Coins & Currency Group (ICCG) is dedicated to inform and help the general public about numismatics and promoting all facets of the hobby of coin and currency collecting. The group has 4500 plus active members from all over India and the group is open to all members of public who share the interest, passion and love towards the hobby without regard to race, gender, religion, or national origin.

India is one of the oldest civilizations, and at least 5000 years of its history is available in fragmentary form. Money, exchange, and rudimentary financial systems are mentioned in books written around 1000 BC, which means that it is one of the earliest countries to evolve a metal-based financial system. 

Numismatics also reveals the religious beliefs and sentiments during that time. And the history of Indian Coinage is both exciting yet complicated as it is immensely vast. Over umpteen reigns there has been a great lineage of coinage set by different rulers that throw a light on the customs and traditions of that Era. Numismatics is extremely important to get details on periodical changes in history.

Thus, ICCG would like to appeal the Government of India to minimize the tax on collectible coins, currencies and numismatic items. This Patronage by the Government would give a major push to this novel hobby and would further provide students the tools to apply numismatics to their studies.

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