Bharath Rathna Award For Sadhguru

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Sadhguru is a yogi, visionary, author and a statesman. He is the founder of The Isha Foundation, Project GreenHands movement, Rally for Rivers, Youth And Truth among many other movements.

Isha foundation is a non-profit organization which offers Yoga programs called Inner Engineering around the world for inner transformation of individuals to find their true joy and happiness.

Project GreenHands is a movement, which has up to now, planted more than 30 million trees in southern India and around the world to restore the fast depleting tree cover.

Rally for Rivers movement took place in India in 2018 and has caught on in countries around the world and even with the United Nations to save rivers and biosphere in and around rivers. Supported by over 162 million people, Rally for Rivers is the world’s largest ecological movement today.

Through his profound wisdom and outreach to the rural and urban masses around the world, he has transformed millions of lives to find true joy and happiness within their own lives instead of in their physical possessions, thus creating a silent revolution of self transformation in the world.

Above all, Sadhguru is a yogi and a propounder of the profound science of yoga, inspiring and raising human consciousness of countless human beings around the world.

Listen to one of his videos on YouTube to know more and be blown away by his wisdom, astuteness and astonishing pragmatism!

Actually speaking, people who have truly explored his work, know he is after all the definition of a yogi. I have realized Sadhguru is beyond things such as these awards. However, we must be conscious enough to look at the work he has already done and is currently doing. To be clear, this national award is not for Sadhguru! But it is for my daughter and for all young children around the world! Because it is about their future. By recognizing his work, we create much needed awareness and publicity in people about the work he is doing. What he is doing will end up saving the lives of our daughters and sons and it is for the future of this earth, especially considering the way we are treating this planet and ourselves. Let the human consciousness rise. Let us recognize Sadhguru's work. Let us make it happen!