Ban fairness creams in India

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The obsession towards fair skin is like a widespread plague in most of the Asian countries, especially in countries like India, which is pretty ridiculous since Asians are people of colour. From whitewashing celebrities to only recognizing fairer people in the film industries for major roles and Indians choosing to marry people with lighter skin tone, privilege towards fairer people is in practically every decent field in India. 

This obsession is mostly encouraged by companies endorsing fairness creams, namely 'Fair and Lovely', which is an extremely famous fairness cream company in India and used by many who are a victim of hatred against their dark skin tones. In a century where even white people are splurging money on tanning, it is quite pathetic for brown people to ridicule their original skin colour in their own country. What's worse is that people often go through unhealthy, extreme measures in order to change the level of melanin produced in their bodies, measures that can cause skin cancer, acne, uneven colour of skin tone and even worse skin conditions because of the harmful bleaching chemicals used in the creams and treatments. Don't you think just accepting the original skin colour is a better option than going through so much trouble, just to feel insecure even when you have achieved your goal of getting a fair skin? 

Almost every dark-skinned or tan girl in India is ridiculed and often bullied because of her skin colour and how she isn't pretty enough or worth a good husband in comparison to a fair girl. This has resulted in a high rate of suicide among females and also some males when they don't get a job or anyone willing to marry them, and all of this is caused by the cosmetic industry that don't let people look past irrelevant aspects such as a person's skin tone.  

We cannot travel from house to house and teach people to love and embrace their body how it is, but banning the sale of harmful fairness creams in India can contribute to more people getting used to their dark skin and slowly learning how to love it and feel beautiful in it. The journey to self-love is a long one but we can definitely start somewhere. So if you believe that this petition should be supported, please support it and share it as much as possible so that fairness creams can be banned in India. Maybe I won't be successful in just one attempt but this might be able to start a conversation among people and eventually bring an end to this fair superiority mentality.