Make justice accessible to "Poor & Oppressed".‘

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Dear Prime Minister

Justice in India does not include the words, as per the dictionary meaning of justice,"Balance and impartiality" much less "order and progress". We become supreme than the law of the land, the moment we get power. No one reads the law or constitution, on which we all take the oath.

‘sare saboot aur bayanonko madde najar rakhate hue ye adalat is NATIJE par pahuchati hai ki …’ What is natija - a judgment - which may not be the fact. Judgment may or may not be justice.

Judges never read files, the judgment is delivered on the bases of Arguments by the top advocates. Their fees per hearing are not affordable by reasonably earning individual. The nexus between Judges, advocates, the politician is well known to you Sir.

In addition to Health Insurance, this country needs a law where poor and oppressed should have Legal Insurance. An individual can't defend himself in any court until he hires an advocate. Please save us from this harassment by each and every pillar of Democracy

Willever remain Grateful

Captain(IN) VK Bhardwaj