#MeTOO Sexual harassment - Dr. Prashant Panigrahi

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Respected Prime minister

I would like to bring to your notice, the culture of sexual harassment nd exploitation at IISER-Kolkata, Dr R N Mukherjee, the previous director, had nurtured several male chauvinistic pigs, who exploited this position of power for sexual favors, I'm a close friend of a girl, who went through hell, working under Doctor Prashant Panigrahi, Doctor Prashant Panigrahi knows to a extent one mathematical technique called wavelet analysis but manages to publish in several areas where he does not have a clue about, this he does so by hosting several students from engineering background, without violating institutional policies, at his home and by using his power to host students at wok hostels, he even claims, he got science in dowry because he married a daughter of one of India's most influential scientist. Doctor Prashant Panigrahi who lives without his wife in west bengal, likes to drink every night, abuse and go out of control.
Male students who give him papers are judged based on science, while feale students are asked to give other services, my poor friend who had visited Doctor Prashant Panigrahi, few year back, was hoping that Doctor Prashant Panigrahi would provide her direction, but in exchange of getting her project completed, she was molested, touched inappropriately and was she not strong enough to run away, would have been raped in Doctor Prashant Panigrahi's house, She has quit science and fortunately left India, has friends in US and canada, now want to raise awareness, so that Doctor Prashant Panigrahi does not continue to prey on other innocent students. On addition to an enquiry into his alcoholism, sexual harassment, we would also want an international enquiry into hs scientific abilities of the fields he keeps publishing without having knowledge by simply taking credit of students' work who come to IISER Kolkata in hope of proper guidance. we also request an enquiry into why is friends such as previous director, RN mukherjee, Jayshree das sharma (who was supposed to head sexual harassment committee) have protected Doctor Prashant Panigrahi over years.


we are confident that the honorable PM of India, a transformative father figure pf all aspiring female scientists would look into the matter himself and take appropriate action




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