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Scrap Bar Council of India and Constitute Legal Services Board

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I belong to a family that has never been embroiled in court cases in a generation and as such, didn't knew what a Menace #LawlessLawyers are in India's court Premises. 
But when we bought a Plot of Land,we were literally given a Tour of Hell by the very Lawyer on whom we had reposed total faith. This wicked Lawyer messed up everything at every step. The list of his callousness and unprofessional conduct is long--from the scrapping of the First “Agreement to Sale” to overlooking crucial details in the Legal Documents of the Plot that we finally bought. Though there were 2 buyers of the Plot, he didn't advise us to go for Separate Land Deeds and the Faulty Diagram of the Plot escaped his notice. We chased him for 3+ years to rectify the errors and finally,gave up exasperated. This reprehensible Lawyer invented one excuse after another to avoid his obligation. Then we approached another Lawyer who charged a whopping Rs.15000.00 for effecting a Perfect Partition (the Official Fee is Just Rs.100.00). This Malady continues as another Lawyer extorted 25% of the Compensation Amount as his Fees ! (at MACT) from my devastated cousin whose parents had perished in a Tragic Road Accident.

I approached Bar Council of India regarding such blatant Unethical Practices but as expected, I didn't get any response. Currently, BCI is simply neither molded nor designed to penalize such abhorrent conduct of Legal Professionals. I shudder when I spare a thought for those who are embroiled in complex legal issues with such #LawlessLawyers.

So please sign this Petition urging the PM to scrap Bar Council of India and pass the Legal Practitioners (Regulations and Maintenance of Standards in Professions, Protecting the Interest of Clients and Promoting the Rule of Law) Act, 2010 and Constitute a Powerful and Effective Legal Services Board (An Ombudsman). The passage of this Bill has been scuttled by the Powerful Lawyer's Lobby which is giving the hilarious excuse of Self-Regulation. The country witnessed ample definition of Self-Regulation in the Kanhaiya Kumar episode. The said Bill needs further tightening so that thugs don't become Lawyers and Advocates.

I want to ask our Lawyers why should thieves,thugs & extortionists also not demand Self-Regulation in their Profession.

N.B. The Draft of this Bill. And I would like to state that many Legal Practitioners are still there who uphold high standards of Professional Ethics.

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