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School timing after 9 A.M for all schools.

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India is one of the leading sleep deprived nation.The children and teenagers of our country are sleep deprived up to the extent that it is resulting in slow and hidden detrimental effects to their mental and physical health.

In one perspective, students have tuitions, school homework, self-study, and practice forcing them to sleep late at night and waking up early for school.This reduces the time the brain gets for rest, slowly making the child mentally and physically weak.Teenagers need at least 8 hours of sleep but they have a huge workload.The load for junior students is too much compared to their minimum requirement of 11 hours of sleep.

In another perspective, Ignoring our natural circadian rhythms could lead to exhaustion, frustration, anxiety, weight gain, and hypertension, and could make a person more prone to stimulant or alcohol use and risk-taking.Teenager’s circadian rhythms – the cycle of sleep and wakefulness – typically begin two hours after adults.Neuroscientists say they are biologically predisposed to go to sleep around midnight and not feel fully awake and engaged until between 9 am and 10 am.Their body clock remains in this state until the age of around 21 for males and 19 for females.This simply means schools and colleges in India are starting too early consequently degrading the brain and body of teenagers.The circadian rhythm of children too is disrupted with respect to their required longer sleeping hours.

The facts can be verified from various studies done by leading institutes of the world such as Oxford and Harvard.Paul Kelley, of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at the University of Oxford, said "If a child gets less than six hours sleep a night, over the course of a week this can lead to more than 700 changes in the way their genes behave.We are generally a sleep-deprived society but the 14-24 age group is more sleep-deprived than any other sector of society. This causes serious threats to health, mood performance, and mental health."

For a nation to be stronger and better, the whole responsibility and power lie on the shoulders of the future generations, who are in schools and colleges today.If the empowering education draws out their mental and physical power today, this puts the future of our nation in danger.This is a national issue and we need to stand together for the future of our nation.Support and Share it with your friends and family, to contribute towards changing the community.


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