Say No to Privatisation of PSUs related to human necessity

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The Government has announced the privatisation of non-strategic PSUs which includes those related to human necessity like natural resources like coal, petroleum, natural gas, power generation and distribution. If they are owned by private businessmen and industrialists, then common people will suffer a lot. Price of the basic necessities will rise because the only thing the owner will care for is profit. For example if the oil sectors are privatised then price of petrol and diesel will rise up, which will not be affordable to common people, also automobile demand will lower down and as a result the industries will suffer. Also railway and flight fare would increase, this will impact the common people a lot. Also the employees will suffer because any impact of economic recession will result in their job losses and salary cuts. 
A better alternative will be that the government will own the majority stake and private industrialists can be a part of the share if they contribute to a sub part of the sector. The government has to employ more people in them and allow modern machineries so that they generate more profit and better quality supply. Also research and development in these sectors should be encouraged so that the generate enough profit to the government and the government doesn't think of privatizing them again. Merging in case of more than one PSUs in each sector or acquisition in case a PSU is loss making is a better option