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Respected sir,

This is regarding the increasing attacks on doctors in India by the relatives of patients even when it's not the fault of doctors . Recently a doctor in Mumbai was thrashed by the attendants of the patient and it has resulted to him being almost blind with one eye.many such incidents have taken place in the past and still there has been no concrete descion or action has been taken for the safety.

on the other hand the court says " start working without safety or leave your jobs"

we on behalf of all the doctors demand full security in hospitals and proper reimbursement for the loss of any doctor who suffers from this activity of manhandling by anyone along with severe punishment like jail term and fine for any one who attacks the doctors on duty with immediate action by the police on these kind of activities.

Doctors are also humans.

this increase of activities can lead to a big revolt in the country by the doctors sir which can already been seen in the country and already a country which has scarcity of doctors cannot afford this.

please sir take some strict action for the same and help the doctors by giving them a safe environment to work

thanking you,

your own son who's proud to be a doctor