Save TamilNadu Farmers

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Agriculture has always been celebrated as the primary sector in India. India is an agrarian economy, which means, Agriculture is the pre-dominant sector of the Indian economy. True to this, even to this day, inspite of the Indian economy opening out to the world and globalization, close to 70% of the population still depends on agriculture for its livelihood. 

Spoiling a fertile land is like  rapping a woman, In aboard they using a trick to take methane gas from garbage but we in India!? Taking methane from a cultivating land and wasting it..! Feels ashamed..! Let's join your hands to stop this. Let's Stop this Hydrocarbon project from Neduvasal 

Farmers: Giva a man a fish, he will eat for a day but teach him how to fish, he will eat for the rest of his life", so goes the popular saying, the case of our Indian farmers is similar to this, what they need is a means to sustain throughout their lives without having the face the desperation that adversity drives them to. If India has to shine, it is these farmers that need to be empowered.

#Stopmethaneproject #savetnfarmers #SaveNeduvasal