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Alappad a coastal village in the kollam district of kerala, India was in news much before, for being one of the most affected areas during Tsunami which occurred in 2004.

2020 it will be in news again for being the first documented village in India to vanish out of India's geographical map if the present black sand mining continues.The area is rich in precious and rare minerals and compounds like titanium etc. 

This stretch of land between Arabian sea and TS canal which was 89 sq kms has now shrunk to 7.8 sq kms. The narrowest stretch which was a kilometre long atleast,has now become  33 metres only. So the sea would surely eat up the land very soon. 

Since the mining is mostly legal,the authorities are reluctant to take an action, but the residents of the area which number to 7000+ families don't want their lovely land to vanish from the world and have taken steps to protest by means of hunger strikes etc.

The community is mostly kind hearted fishermen who were one of the first people to come to help kerala during the great floods last year.Experts in navigation, they sent all their boats and boatmen to other parts of kerala to save people during the floods.

So it is time for the rest of the people of kerala and other parts to give back the support these families  gave us during the floods.

They lack the technology and social media support,  since most are fishermen community and this is where the social media, we all and can help 

If it reaches to more people, more protests will follow which will surely make the media and authorities to open their eyes.

We,who were helped by alappad people during flood want to give back the support they gave to us . Please join us,please help us. Please sign this petition for them.