Save 2 Lakhs+ trees by stopping Hubballi - Ankola rail project.

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We all know the beauty of Western ghats
ofcourse who hasn't been to Dandeli-Yellapur? who hasn't seen the wonderful Sathodi and Magod Falls?
Who hasn't watched or shared 'Wild Karnataka' and the incredible beauty of Western Ghats.

Well this is all in danger now.

Karnataka state govt. has proposed to build the new Hubballi- Ankola rail project.

Some of you might say this is development.
Wait, yes it is development but at what cost?

Here are some facts.
The project includes cutting of "2 LAKH+" Trees.
Yes, you read it right not only that the proposed rail line cuts through 727 hectares of forest land.

There is a threat of it being passed through Kali Tiger reserve and Bedthi conservation reserve. 'According to an NTCA report on the project, the forests through which the railway line cuts, supports 29 species of mammals, 256 species of birds, 8 species of reptiles, and 50 species of butterflies. Majority of the mammals are in the IUCN red list and also protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act 1972' -The Hindu

The western Ghats has already had enough through numerous hydro-electric projects and Nuclear Powerplant too, let's not burden it more by this one.

Yes the project has its benefits but there are possible alternatives here.
The Hubballi-Ankola national Highway widening.
Already the doubling of Hospet-Londa-Vasco rail line has stated.

The Karnataka state wildlife board has already approved the project, we have no time we have to act now.

Let's not ruin the abundant potential of Western Ghats and endangered species of trees and animals in the name of Development.

Here's what we immediately have to do from what we have.

Aware as many people as possible as soon as possible.
Create a nation wide social media campaign.Tag all the celebrities, accounts.

Let the politicians know people are against it and not only the environmentalists.
When they reailse its the votes that might go away they will feel the heat.

Its not impossible, you all know what happened with Aarey forests right?
Yes similar things can be done here.