Sanitary Pads are important as Food for Migrant women

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355 million women in India come at the age of menstrual cycle, every year about 23 million girls leave school because of it.  If hygiene is not taken care of during the period, then many types of serious diseases can occur.

Due to the sudden decline in the income of the middle and lower class people, when it is difficult to buy ration/food items, it is even harder for a women to buy sanitary pads.

It was decided that along with the ration, it is also an important category item, which must be distributed with ration.

This initiative is proving to be extremely useful not only for women in the society but in the whole country.

There is a need and request that all state government, central government and non-governmental organizations should consider it as a very necessary material and arrange for its regular distribution with ration kits for our sisters and daughters.