Revoke the permission that allowed ASG to Represent Mr Jay Shah

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This petition demands Law Ministry to take back its decision that allowed ASG of India Mr Tushar Mehta to appear in Jay Shah's defamation case against "The Wire".

While we fail to provide proper legal aid to the needy and as a result, most of our countrymen remain deprived of justice, it would be clear injustice to them if the government allowed a Senior Law officer like ASG to represent Mr Jay Shah who is a private person and capable enough to hire a senior counsel.

A person who runs a business which allegedly has a turnover of Rs. 80 crores, doesn't need any legal aid. There are two sides to the case, at one side is Mr Jay Shah (A private person) who allegedly committed financial irregularities and at the other side is a reputed Non-profit Online News Publishing House, in a situation like this, the government deputing its senior law officer like ASG to Jay Shah's service will automatically reflect governments biased stand against "The Wire".

The government need to understand that Mr Jay Shah is not Kulbhushan Jadhav and the party against whom it has allowed its ASG to appear is not Pakistan but a Non-profit organization. The government need to understand that it has responsibilities towards both. The government cannot discriminate between these two parties.

The fact of being in power and the flexibility to take decision should not be used to extend illegitimate help which ordinarily is not available to common man.

In view of above, I humbly request appropriate and capable authorities to intervene in the matter and revoke the order that allows Additional Solicitor General of India to represent Mr Jay Shah in a defamation against “The Wire”.