Revive Ayurveda education

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Today Ayurveda professional education is extremely substandard, unscientific and is entire waste of time , money and resources of Government and professional community . No one is becoming physician who is atleast capable to attend acute diseases of himself and family members . Curriculum of BAMS , MD and PhD are deeply flawed and unless urgent attention is given to this, Ayurveda will get extinct . Irrational prescribing is causing detrimental harm to patients who seek this system daily. No one recognise this because no one knows what is intended 

Please understand the seriousness ofthis situation , dismiss the current ways and call upon innovative suggestions for intellectual upliftment of Ayurveda professional community. Today everything which is done in the label of Ayurveda from micro to macro level is not in right direction and scientific manner. That conveys the seriousness of this problem. Any professional of Ayurveda can diagnose anything as anything( no inbuilt scientific standards are adopted) and treat by anything( no decision making standards of science adopted currently and not educated also).

Sir please understand and the danger and attend this urgently!! We still have hopes in you�