Reversal of pro-migrant, anti-indigenous stand before Supreme Court by Assam Government.

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Indigenous people of Assam are on their way to becoming a minority in the face of unabated influx from Bangladesh, which will turn them into a minority by 2040(Study on implications of influx from Bangladesh into Assam). Yet another study testifies to the same( 

The Supreme Court of India in a Constitution Bench of 5 judges is scheduled to hear and decide on two crucial aspects,regarding grant of citizenship to migrants from Bangladesh. Firstly, whether the cut-off date for grant of citizenship to migrants from erstwhile East Pakistan should be 19 July, 1948 like the rest of India or 25 March,1971 specific to Assam, pursuant to the Assam Accord of 1985. Secondly, whether the children born of illegal migrants in Assam up to 3 December, 2004 are entitled to citizenship by birth even when both the parents are foreigners.

As far as identification and deportation of foreigners is concerned, since the Assam Accord of 1985, in the last 32 years, out of an estimated 80 lakhs, less than a two and half thousand have been sent back to Bangladesh. A separate cut-off date for Assam in contradistinction  to other North-Eastern states and India has acted as a magnet for migrants to come in to Assam.

On both these issues, the State and the Central Government has adopted a pro-migrant and anti-indigenous stand by saying that the cut-off date should be 25 March, 1971 and that children born to illegal migrants in Assam should be granted citizenship by birth.

The basis for this stand in their 51 page written submission of the Assam Government  is that migration has not affected the political and civil rights of the local population, there is in fact no factual basis to say political rights have been affected. This assertion is contrary to the findings of the Supreme Court in two earlier cases, one of Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal of July, 2005(Link to the Judgement) and the other of !7 December,2014 (link to the judgement). These judgements extensively record how indigenous have turned into a minority in several districts, influx threatening the security and integrity of the country and that in 2001 according to Government statistics the number of infiltrators in 2001 was 50 lakhs which is 20% of the then population of 2.6 crores. Impact and effects of illegal migration is also documented in the documentary "Assam- The Silent Genocide". This pro-migrant, anti-indigenous stand on this crucial issues determining the future of indigenous population has severe adverse ramifications.

In the wake of the above facts and circumstances ,we appeal to everyone to sign this petition and request the Honorable Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Assam to reverse the stand before the Supreme Court and take steps so that the indigenous do not become a minority ever.