Restore Peace in Syria

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Honorable Prime Minister of India,

Hope you are aware of the civil war in Syria. In Last 2 days several hundred Children has been killed & Lot of women are shot dead.There has been gross human right violation.I don't know your perspective on women but here in India we see women as Goddess. No Matter what cast,Religion,Race they belong to.We are thought to respect women.Although everyone can justify that this is war against terrorism,When it comes to women and children we can really feel and realize it as ethnic cleansing and 100% genocide.As an human we cannot stay quite witnessing another genocide.Hence we the Youth and  alternate political Parties are join hands to together to intervene this international politics.We humbly request you to speak to our allies both USA and Russia to restore peace in Syria. Apart from this we also request you to provide all medical assistance to the victims of Syria war with sufficient rehabilitation. If required you can also provide the refugee camp in Tamil Nadu.We are volunteering to provide refugee camp in TN.I also request you to set an budget apart for this purpose.After all this we request you to provide VISA assistance to all NGO volunteering to provide medical assistance in Syria. I also have an suggestion please frame a policy for all corporate bodies to motivate Syria rehabilitation.As you being an PM you should be aware of all Nuts and Bolts in this policy making.Kindly do whatever it takes to restore peace.Please use this opportunity to prove that you are not cast based political party.I am also sharing this petition to all the noble souls in India to support this cause on an humanitarian basis to stop ethnic cleansing and killing of innocent women and Children.


Note: We also request you to insist on resolution passed by UN on ceasing the civil war.Which is been supported by USA and all VETO power countries.


Your Loving Indian

Jagadesh Jayakumar

Valamana Thamilzagam Kattchi