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Caste based policies are divisive , anti-secular, and anti-progressive

Reservation at the time of independence was only meant to be a measure for the ultimate goal of "wholesome development". The experience of last fifty six years have shown that the measure and the means have become an end in itself resulting in further fragmentation and division of the society on caste lines which was never the objective with which special provisions for upliftment had been incorporated. The present policy of "positive discrimination' divides the whole society into two broad categories : Oppressed and Oppressors, which creates an environment of victimhood and mistrust. Clearly, this policy is a major hindrance for national integration.

Caste can not be a class to define "Backwardness"

If caste is the only ground for Social Backwardness, how can giving jobs or education will remove social backwardness. As evident in Southern India, the members of royal families, ruling classes, land-lords, and rich businessmen are considered to be backward by the Government because of their castes. They were kings and rulers for generations, and if the backwardness because of caste could not be removed, how could it be removed now?


An individual is underprivileged, not the Class

The most important reform that is required in the present situation is a departure from the present "Group Centric" affirmative action to "Individual Centric" benefits. At present benefits are being extended to a "class" (correctly described as "caste") which has resulted in formation of unholy "caste based" lobbies which is not in the interest of one Nation State

Caste is NOT the only disadvantage

In Indian society, caste is not the only obstacle in the way of development of an individual. Economic conditions, educational opportunities and discrimination on the basis of gender also contribute to the denial of opportunity to express one's true merit and worth

Unreasonable inclusion and continuation of castes with 'Backward' status: Reverse discrimination

Caste in our country has become a tool in the hands of the governments who have made the list of backward classes into a tool for furthering their political end.

Drawbacks of caste based preferential policies

Among the common consequences of caste based preference policies are:

  • They encourage non-backward groups to redesignate themselves as members of backward groups to take advantage of group preference policies;
  • They tend to benefit primarily the most fortunate among the backward caste (e.g. creamy layer), often times to the detriment of the least fortunate among the non-backward (e.g. poor upper caste Hindu);
  • They reduce the incentives of both the backwards and non-backward to perform at their best -- the former because doing so is unnecessary and the latter because it can prove futile -- thereby resulting in net losses for society as a whole; and
  • They engender animosity toward backward groups as well as on the part of backward groups themselves, whose main problem in some cases has been their own inadequacy combined with their resentment of non-backward groups who -- without preferences -- consistently outperform them.