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Rename our country as Bharath from India

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After the invasion of our country, we were renamed as India from Hindusthan/ Bharat. The word India doesn't have a meaning. But Bharat has a meaning, a heritage.

The Sanskrit word bharata is a derivation of bharata, which was originally a description of Agni. The term is of the Sanskrit root bhr-, “to bear / to carry”, with a literal meaning of “to be maintained” (of fire). This term also means “one who is engaged in search for knowledge”

A name is a identity. A meaningful name is the identity of our country. Like i heard in of the speech by sadguruji, when someone conquers a place, asa sign of dominance they change the name of that place. And give it a meaningless name to show their superiority. We should have changed the name of our country back to Bharatha or Bharat way back in 1947. But its never too late, to bring back the glory. 

Some may argue whats in a name. To such people, your parents gave you a meaningful name at birth, probably wanting you to inherit that quality in you. You wouldn't want to be called by random meaningless names like tobu, chippu etc. Same applies to my country. I want it to have a meaningful name. The one that depicts our heritage, a meaning that would stand true for the quality of its citizen. Hope everyone will stand by me and support this change. 

Jai Hind....Mera Bharat Mahan....

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