Reform in Election Rules

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This Petition intends to restore the real Value of Voters Fundamental Right to vote. The voters are supposed to real kingmakers in Representative Democracy but after poll results, Representative uses his discretion to change party, defect or support any other without referring to Voters, who elected him. This needs to change. Change for better. 

Here is a detailed letter with suggestions :

Dear Prime Minister,

The recent Karnataka episode has left a deep wound on Voters Fundamental Right of electing a Representative.

We as Voters can ONLY CAST single vote, once in 5 years. Rest of 4 years and 364 days, we do not have any control over representative elected by US. He may switch from one party to another, defect, or support from outside any party of HIS choice, without consent of the voters, who actually elected him.

The System is a flawed one. Voters should be the Kingmakers not subdued passive spectators watching the dramas enacted by their representatives. Transfer REAL power to VOTERS.

We would like to recommend following changes in the System :

1) The number of days for obtaining TRUST VOTE after formation of Government should be standardised. Could be 3 days maximum. The discretion of Governor in this aspect should be removed.

2) There should be standard norms for Post-poll alliance of Parties. You may like to introduce following Rules for post poll merger of parties.

a) Party candidates ( contesting on Party symbol) should declare in the election Nomination Form, name of Parties (Maximum 3 numbers) with whom it may strategically ally after results.

Both the willing parties should name each other in the nomination Form. Eg. If A says it may merge with B, but if B does not say that it will merge with A, then merger of A&B should not be allowed.

This is very crucial because each party's poll promises are different and manifestos are different. Voters cast vote based on the promises and manifestos. In present episode of Karnataka, it is unclear as to whose poll promises would be accorded priority?

3) Introduce Lifetime ban from politics for Defection and /or abetment of defection. Each crime has Life time penalty provisions. Why not also in political crimes ? This will act as a real deterrent for horsetrading.

4) Independents, who secure less than 3 % votes and parties who secure less than 5 % votes, should not be allowed to vote during floor Test or on any Bill. Few countries are having such floor limit. They cannot be considered to be sufficiently representing public. This will discourage dummies who are propped up to cut votes. Often money is given for standing or withdrawing from the contest. This can also go long way in reducing the long list in Ballot paper.

Hope you understand the helplessness of Voters and increasing dilution of format of Representative Democracy. There is no certainty of how one's Fundamental Right to vote will end up, in the new age of Powergrab-at-any-cost kind of politics.

Jai Hind

Your sincerely,

Concerned Voter / Kingmaker (?)