Qasim Lynching Case: Strong Law for lynching cases and termination of police officers

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45-year-old cattle trader named Qasim was beaten to death, allegedly by a mob in Hapur Uttar Pradesh suspecting him harming cows or trading cows for slaughter. Its not first case that happened in India same pattern we can see in all lynching cases happened till date. I am afraid this number is more than 10 now. Still no major action or no strong law has been passed by Indian government. Majority of these cases are happened in Uttar pradesh and neither CM of UP nor prime minister of India gave a single statement against these cases.

We as citizen of India here by requesting government of India to please look into these cases and do the needful to stop these cases in future in majority of cases poor bred winner men are killed by the mob. Government should at least take responsibility of making arrangement of employment for victim's family. 

Another disheartening thing is  insensitivity shown by the police in Qasim's case, when he was injured (or dead ?) people were dragging him to the police Van like a dead animal by holding his legs and hands, imagine if he was some life that time how much pain he might have gone through. Responsible police officers has been transferred from that police station, is this a punishment of safeguarding jobs of those police men. Government should suspend them from service and register FIR against all responsible police officers.

All these incidents are definitely defaming this great country on international level, please take necessary action so that no more poor person would die like Qasim. 

Qasim-We as a citizen of India sorry about you but we can't do much for you except raising our voice and expressing our anger legally...RIP.