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Put an END to Caste-based Reservation in India.

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Caste based reservation system in India was meant for uplifting / encouraging certain classes of the society, which have been suppressed over a period of time or deprived access to certain systems / facilities of the society in the past (may be in the Pre-independent India, but not now anymore). Even Dr. B R Ambedkar, one of the author's of our Constitution, has advised that the reservation system should not continue beyond certain level.

Today, we face a situation like a person getting into a school/college through caste based reservation. The same person secures a Govt. job based on reservation, then later becomes eligible for a promotion, also based on the same reservation. And, as if that is not enough, his children and their children and so on, also are eligible for reservation in the same way. This is a fallacy which the constitution writers have warned us about.

There is an urgent need to implement a policy that any person can use his caste based reservation only once in his lifetime. Thereafter for all purposes, he/she and his kin, may only compete under the general category. This is a slow but sure way of containing this leakage.

Plugging this leakage is a politically controversial issue for a Govt., which has to go for election every 5 years, and thus successive governments have managed not to touch this issue. But the silence and patience with which the citizens of the country have accepted de-monetization, should work as a guiding force for bolder decisions by the Govt.

As this leakage is continuing unplugged even today, we find many a talent leaving the country for better prospects to other countries where such inequalities are not there. Others who remain in the country are highly de-motivated and are thereby less productive. This is sheer self-destruction. And, as a nation aiming to be a world leader, India cannot ignore its own talent this way.

I strongly support the removal of caste based reservation system in India (or its phase-wise removal atleast). How about you?

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