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Proxy Voting for NRIs - can jeopardize Indian electoral process. Stop It.

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Recently Indian Cabinet cleared a bill to grant Voting Rights to NRIs through their proxy though the long time demand of Indian citizens living abroad was to grant them voting rights and facilities to vote from wherever they reside. Though from outset  it looks as if it is a favor for NRIs, it is indeed a dangerous step. There are around sixteen million overseas Indians and if they are allowed to vote through proxies, it can seriously jeopardize Indian electoral system. The proposed bill is yet to come to Parliament but we need to raise our concerns and see that it doesn't become a law. Let us ask our Parliamentarians to stop this bill.

The dangers are:

1. If proxy voting is introduced, long time demand of NRIs to grant them voting rights to vote from the place of their residences will permanently be ignored.

2. Will the proxy appointed by an NRI vote as per NRI's direction?  What if he/she      votes to the party or person of his/her choice?

3. Can a proxy be proxy for more than one NRI? If yes, there is clear possibility of political parties misusing this. 

4. Normally a law is introduced based on needs of the country or its people. In this case , no one asked for NRI proxy voting. Is there any vested interest involved in it?

5. How to ensure that the proxy authorization is valid? Will there always be enough time gap for sending the proxy authorization before the voting date?

6. Managing around 16 million proxies will be a huge infrastructural burden on the existing system. 

7. We have a secret ballot system, secrecy clause will be broken.



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