Protect River Cauvery & the Cauvery Delta

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Hon' Prime Minister of India & Chief Minister of India & IT Corporate Sustainability Groups,

We are alarmed at the rate at which we are depleting our natural resources and reserves and are already seeing lower quality drinking water in Chennai in our day to day life. We, hence, understand that it is important to 

1. Suspend all existing and new oil or methane gas extraction projects in the Delta Region (Kadiramangalam, Neduvasal and surrounding villages). Those, polluting our land and water is irreversible. Apart from pollution, impact on the livelihoods of farmers is another major factor. Roll back the announcement of marking villages for PCPIR (Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment regions). Instead, announce the delta and lower riparian districts as Protected Agricultural Zones, where no industries impacting ecology or livelihood can come up. 

2. Stop Sand Mining with an iron hand and encourage use of Alternate Construction Methods even if such structures require more frequent maintenance than their (eventually) unhealthy counterparts.

3. Ensure Normal Ground Water Saline Levels and Ground Water Recharge in the Cauvery Delta Region by a minimal regular flow of Cauvery water. Form Cauvery Management Board (CMB) to regulate water scientifically and technically in a transparent way available for public. Transparency, we believe, will avoid misconceptions among public and prevent unnecessary clashes.

4. Prevent water loss by Afforestation along River Cauvery and Cauvery Delta.

5. Ban bottled drinks which anyway are found to be bad for human health. Drinking water should be restrained from being a saleable commodity. Water is not a commodity to be sold or purchased. Please take necessary transparent steps to regulate its use and to conserve.

 6. Stop Deforestation in Coorg (Kodagu), Karnataka and other parts of our Upper Riparian State, Karnataka

7. Decentralize opportunities. Building bigger cities will deprive the rural areas off such natural resources like fresh water, ground water, sand, timber etc., and only eventually pollute the urban with over-growth and render it unsuitable for living in the long run. Decentralization will avoid these issues for all. Encourage job prospects in the IT Tech parks in place in different parts of Tamil Nadu. (For Corporates and IT Majors)

8. Encourage farmers to NOT move away from Agriculture by making robust plans and alternate earning possibilities during failed waters or rains. Increase transparency and easy access to schemes and rescue measures which will be robust and will ensure that corruption does not hinder farmers from reaching out to these services.

Without being a Nature Friendly Nation, we see that we are sure to perish soon considering the Climate Changes and Water issues we already face. As subjects of the State, we seek a serious shift towards such measures.

Our Governments need to give utmost importance to our 'Natural Capital' and make them available to people equally irrespective of the money they have or do not have. We need to think about the use of this natural capital while calculating profits and economic growth.

 And any other measures of conservation, if can be arrived at should also be seriously thought about and implemented. Kindly take action in the above mentioned areas.

P.S Friends, if you seek inclusion of any other measures, please write to us at