Proof of where the money from taxes are getting utilised by the government

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Every year we pay taxes all through the year and some of us also end up paying more taxes when e-filing income tax. Most of us don't have any explanation of why we are paying so much but are compelled to pay because you can't e-file unless the pending taxes are paid. Giving away the hard earned money towards something we don't even know about is clearly unfair. When we look around, we hardly see any positive utilisation of the taxes we paid. It is high time we ask for a reverse e-filing. The government should show the tax paying individuals complete details of where their money is being utilised. I as a citizen would like to see every detail of where my money is going and get an assurance that it's not filling pockets of corrupt individuals out there. I request you to demand for your right to information, clear transparent information of where your hard earned money is going. Please sign my petition and make it succeed.