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Take away VVIP treatment of all MP & MLA except PM & President

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I an average mumbaikar a regular Indian, face so many daily hurdles & there is no one to listen, no one hear us, no one to take care of our pain.

Why? Because all the sitting MP & MLA are stuffed with the VVIP treatment which they get. They earn a hefty pay package which a regular person can dream for(plus upar ki kamai) but they just want to earn & stay good for themselves.

They never feel the rush hours in train bcoz they never travel in train. They never feel the potholes bcoz they all use high end car which is fitted with the best shock absobers. They all travel in business class in plane & private choppers with whose money? OURS MONEY TAX PAYERS MONEY.

You said stop using cash & go for cashless, we followed you, you said lets go for GST with no preparedness for the system, still we followed you.We have supported you this whole 3yrs in your decision now its time hear us. I urge or rather challenge the PMO of India Mr. Narendra D. Modi if you really care for us scrap all the privelledge MP & MLA receive by just sitting, making all this perks a performance based.

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